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Kashmiri Magic carpet - Flower mandala area rug

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Beautiful handmade area rug, - bohemian colorful rug - decorative rug
made in the enchanting and mystique land of Kashmir, North India.

The Kashmiri Art of Carpet making and embroidery art is famous all over the world.
Each piece is a unique hand crafted piece of an ancient traditional craftmanship.
Already the old Mughal and persian kings knew about the fine art work of Kashmir and decorated their palaces with these jewels.
The chainstitch embroidery is done with a hook , called "aari", all over on a handwoven cloth base.

Bring a storytelling amazingly handcrafted rug to your home.
Chain stitch rugs are used both as floor covering and wall hanging

3 x 5 feet (152 x 92 cm)

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