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Vintage tribal bed spread | handmade "Ralli Quilt" rare unique bed throw of the Sindh Gypsies for bohemian beddroom decor


Rare, handmade, vintage Ralli Quilt - bed spread - bed runner of the Sindh Gypsy tribe

India is a land of colors - amazing cultures, unique traditions and so many festivals.
The Indian textile arts are a beautiful mirror of all that.
This handmade vintage Ralli quilt is a truly rare textile treasure. Traditionally, rallis were made for family members to use, for weddings, dowries and special gifts. In the recent decades, women have also started to use their skills in quilt making to earn money for themselves and their families.:

"Ralli quilts are traditional quilts made by women in the areas of Sindh, Pakistan, western India, and in surrounding areas They are just now gaining international recognition, even though women have been making these quilts for hundreds, maybe thousands of years . Rallis are a cultural symbol for the regions where they are made. The most common uses are for a bedcover (used on the traditional wooden charpoy bed) or as small bag or eating cloth. Traditionally rallis were made at home, from recycled and hand dyed cotton cloth, for use by the family." source: wikipedia

This specific Ralli is made of two pieces (the decorated front and plain back piece) sewn together decorated with "pom poms" at the ends and embroidered with a running stitch, by hand

This collection is a very close to our heart-project. We had an amazing experience and wonderful time visiting a rural village of the Sindhi Gypsy tribe in western Rajasthan and since then it our project to work together with the women of this village and promote their rare and unique textile craftmanship of Zari embroidery ( )and Rali quilt making which is a dying art because it is so under-payed compared to the amount of time and skills it needs and nowadays machine made copies are sold for a fraction of this original pieces of textile art. With each purchase you help us to keep this original craftman ship and art alive and you also support these wonderful ladies, with such a unique and beautiful culture, living under very harsh and poor conditions. We travel every year to visit them and collect these vintage boho tapestries, quilts and vintage dresses and are looking forward to see their beautiful smiles soon again. Some of our photos show you a little piece of their culture and traditional dresses. If you are interested in our project we are happy to show you some more photos and tell you a bit more about their story.

Each little piece is carefully crafted and tells a story of its own a unique traveller's treasure for bohemian homes.

Use it as a wall tapestry, half- or end of bed runner, for ethnic decor at festivals, for yoga rooms or meditation corners

Since it is vintage (around 30 to 40 years old), it has signs of wear (see the photos - you can also request more photos from me, if you want)
Colors are a little bit faded at some places and there are marks on the back. and some embroidery show signs of "wear" Nevertheless it is a magnificent textile treasure, in very good condition that will enlighten your bohemian home.
Size: 49" x 80"
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Namasté from India

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