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...means: PEACE ... in many ways! Whoever has been to India surely has heard this word many times. It the the Shanti we are looking for, when our souls are restless. Wanderers are trying to find it on their "fernweh" journey. It is the Shanti we need, when we want to slow down, when we want to take care of the stuff that really matters in life.
...means: Someone who possesses a gypsy soul is a person always in need of change and /or adventure. A wanderer - nomadic - free spirited person.
We love the colorful life, the "togetherness", the ease, openness and diversity, the warmth, that only India is giving us AND we love travelling. With the idea to connect both, ShantiGypsy came to life. We work and live here, at the feet of the Himalaya with our 3 kids. But we also travel a lot and are carrying our home within our hearts, always grateful for the "Shanti" life we have.
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We hope you will love our colorful little boutique as much as we do :-)
Fayaz and Sahera Jo