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Shanti Gypsy

Vintage Banjara bedspread, Indian large tapestry for Yoga studio decor, hippie bohemian bedroom


Vintage Patchwork quilt - gypsy bedding - bohemian tapestry for boho bedrooms

India is a land of colors - amazing cultures, unique traditions and so many festivals.
The Indian textile arts are a beautiful mirror of all that.
This handmade, colorful patchwork quilt is made of cut of pieces from vintage tribal skirts, bridal dresses and traditional blouses, from the area of Kutch in the western part of India, Gujarat. The Banjaras (originally a nomad tribe) have a unique way of displaying their culture and lifestyle and every day life through their textile art which is famous for the vivid colors and rich embroidery.
Unique patches have been cut out of of vintage tribal skirts - bridal dresses or - traditional dancing dresses and then matched together to one beautiful piece of patchwork art.
Each little piece tells a story of its own. With amazing embroidery and mirrorwork.

Use it as a bedspread, a wall tapestry, for hippie decor at festivals, for yoga rooms or bohemian homes, a photo backdrop for boho chic weddings.

Since it is vintage (around 35 years old), it has signs of wear (see the photos - you can also request more photos from me, if you want)
Color is"washed" out at some places beads or mirrors can be missing and some embroidery is damaged and there are stains on the back. Nevertheless it is a magnificent textile treasure that will enlighten your bohemian home.
Size: 79" 95"
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Namasté from India

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